BFC10/120 Series Compact UV-Flame Detector

The BFC10 is a compact UV-flame detector designed for use in industrial firing systems. The flame detector/sensor can be connected directly to a tuned ionization or LDR input of the automatic burner control. The diopter serves as the flame detector’s interface to the combustion chamber, and can be adapted to special requirements with various accessories. The flame intensity can be easily recognized via an LED as a visual indicator.

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In accordance, to EN 298:2012-11, the flame detector is intended for automatic burner control systems that check whether a flame is still present after a control shutdown.

  • Sensor: UV-tube
  • Operating mode: Intermittent Operation
  • Optical Alignment: Axial
  • Mounting Position: Any
  • Supply Voltage: 230 VAC (120 VAC optional)
  • Power Consumption: 18 mA (maximum)
  • Temperature Range: -20° to 65°C
  • Switch-On delay: 0.5 seconds
  • Switch-Off delay: <0.5 seconds
  • Protection Class: IP65; I; FELV
  • Relay Output: Potential-free, galvanically isolated
  • Maximum Switching Current, Capacity, Voltage: 1A; 250 VA; 250 VAC
  • Connection: Amphenol plug

Agency Listing: UL

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