CF830C Direct Carrier Replacement HSI Furnace Control Board

The CF830C is a 24VAC direct replacement Carrier furnace board with a dual microprocessor-based design intended for 100% gas shutoff in case of ignition/flame relay control failure.

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Replaces Carrier Models
  • HK42FZ034
  • 325878-751
  • HK42FZ007
  • HK42FZ008
  • HKFZ009
  • CEPL131012-01
  • HK42FZ004
  • CEBD431012-01A
  • HK42FZ011
  • HK42FZ016
  • HK42FZ013
Replaces ICM Models
  • ICM282A
  • ICM282B
  • Controls the gas valve, HSI ignitor, blower motor, inducer motor, humidifier and electric air cleaner
  • Reverse polarity protection and detection
  • Secondary brown-out voltage protection
  • Twinning compatibility
  • Tri-color LED diagnostic for troubleshooting
  • Works with standard and smart 24VAC thermostats
Agency Listing
  • CSA

Download Furnace Control Board Installation Instructions



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