DC and DD Series Spark Igniter/Flame Sensors

BASO Spark Igniters/Flame Sensors are designed for long service life and optimum performance when using BASO ignition control modules. Custom designs for your specific application can be made available upon request. 

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  • Remote Sense (external) has a ground rod and two separate rods with one sensing the flame and the other for sparking to ignite flame at the burner.
  • Internal Sense (local) performs and functions both through sensing and sparking of the flame at the burner with the same rod.
  • Flame sensors are used in flame rectification circuits to confirm/monitor the presence of the flame at the burner in variety of heating applications.
  • DD1AC-1H (Fenwal 22-100001-211)
  • DC3AD-1C (Fenwal 22-10002-076, BASO Y58KD-10)
  • DD2CE-1H (Syntek BP202E, Speed Queen M406934, Cissell GA-007640)
  • DC3AB-1C (Fenwal 22-100000-593, Robertshaw 10-850, BASO Y58KD-6)

Only licensed service professionals of the original equipment manufacturer or trained licensed contractors are approved to install or service BASO Gas Products. BASO Gas Products shall not be liable for damages resulting from misapplication or misuse of its products.

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