Direct Spark Gas Ignition/Flame Relay Control

BASO Direct Spark Gas Ignition/Flame Relay Controls are microprocessor based gas ignition controls suited for new or replacement heating applications using LP or Natural Gas. Utilizing the microprocessor on the control allows it to continually and safely monitor direct burner ignition and supervision at the gas burner. Added features such as LED diagnostics for troubleshooting issues, ignition sequence, full time flame sensing, and flame sense test pins highlight the controls benefits.

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  • Johnson Controls G760AAD-1, -2, G760CAB-1, G760AAC-1, G760BAD-1, -2, G765BAD-1, -1R, G760BCD-1, G765BCA-12, -12R
  • Fenwal 05-299-002-253, 05-195014-005
  • Honeywell S870-1012, S87K, S87B-1032, S87B-1065
  • White Rodgers 50DS50-842
  • RAM 3MC10-01/Uni-Line 790-325
  • UT 1016-500
  • Voltage rating: 24 and 120 VAC
  • Flame sensing: internal (local) or external (remote)
  • Pre-Purge: none, 15, or 30 seconds
  • Trial for ignition: 1 or 3 tries
  • Terminal connection: 1/4 inch quick connects
  • Gas Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Water Heaters
  • Commercial Cooking
Agency Listing
  • UL Recognized
  • CE

Download 120VAC Ignition Installation Instructions
Download 24VAC Ignition Installation Instructions
Download 24VAC Direct Spark Ignition w/Inducer Installation Instructions
Download BASO Ignition Control Accessories
Download Direct Spark Ignition Dimensions



Only licensed service professionals of the original equipment manufacturer or trained licensed contractors are approved to install or service BASO Gas Products. BASO Gas Products shall not be liable for damages resulting from misapplication or misuse of its products.

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