WSC Series High Voltage Spark Cables

WSC series high voltage spark cables are to be used with BASO CTD series transformers. They are designed with resistive conductor in carbon fiber and semi-conductive rubber used for shielding electromagnetic disturbances.

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  • Available lengths: 3 ft. – 6 in. and 5 ft.
  • Voltage rating: 30KV
  • End terminal: 90° rajah with boot .25 pin
  • Wire size available: 5.2 mm or 7 mm
  • Temperature rating: 311°F (155°C)
  • Internal wire is coated with silicone/carbon fiber

Only licensed service professionals of the original equipment manufacturer or trained licensed contractors are approved to install or service BASO Gas Products. BASO Gas Products shall not be liable for damages resulting from misapplication or misuse of its products.

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